JUICE Kumari presents "Circus Fun"

Download it here http://www.mediafire.com/download/m7nhs0rvj0lw799/Circus%20Fun.zip

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Circus Fun the long awaited EP was released 26th August 2013. The EP has an eclectic sound and with it's diversity and flava it represents "sophisticated fun". Mature in its quality and vibe, it touches on subjects that delve into aspects of JUICE Kumari as a rounded character. Tracks such as "My Life" and "Hold Your Head High" give a conscious feel, then the style switches up with fun and uplifting tracks like "Set It Off" and "So Fly" and slows it down with "Street Love" and "Tipsey". An EP that allows you to explore many aspects of your own person whilst gaging with the artist herself, Circus Fun is definitely one to have in your collection.